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 YSYA- WAR LEADER (Your Soldier Your Army)

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PostajNaslov: YSYA- WAR LEADER (Your Soldier Your Army)   sub sij 10, 2009 1:47 pm

Name: YSYA (your soldier your army)
For frend: Josi (iša)

Player Stats
Assault Rifle Kills 3,152
Machinegun Kills 134
Sniper Rifle Kills 69
Rocket Kills 15
Grenade Kills 576
Assault Rifle Accuracy 4.84% (8612/177940)
Machinegun Accuracy 1.53% (435/28372)
Sniper Rifle Accuracy 14.37% (99/689)
Rocket Accuracy 12.93% (15/116)
Grenade Accuracy 26.47% (2097/7922)
Squad Leader Time 103:41:40
Fire Team Leader Time 44:41:16
Non-Leadership Role Linked Time 94:12:25
Squad Leader Linked Time 74:57:46
Fire Team Leader Linked Time 56:48:57
Medpacks Applied 84
Times Healed 187

-War Leader
-high position in {bf} clan
-god man and soft officer
-his job is recruitment and educate new player bad world
-His favourite position is at the defense tower, from where he can fuck up all the enemys.
-He's leader of our team in leagues and cups.
-He likes cigares, and he smokes everytime before tournament begins. ( for a relaxe )

bad world:
1. Pushi mi kuratz
2. Ma odyebi pederu
3. Nabi se nakito
4. Ben zona

add world in last weakend
pička mater
puši kurac
odjebi u troskoku
zabiču te na križ ko isusa
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YSYA- WAR LEADER (Your Soldier Your Army)
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